Aquablanc non chlorine chemicals

A range of non chlorine (non halogen ) products, suitable for consumers with sensitivities to chlorine/bromine or those preferring a gentle, odour free bathing environment. Systems available for pool and /or hot tub users. Aquablanc Active treated swimming pools hot tubs/spas provide pure, gentle and safe water, without the attendant smells associated with chlorine.


Aquablanc liquid

1 LTR. Weekly liquid for use with Aquablanc tablets. Aquablanc

Price : £15.99


Aquablanc spa starter kit

Includes: 1KG Aquablanc tablets, 1 ltr of Aquablanc liquid, 1 floating dispenser, 750g PH- , 500g PH+, 500g TA+, Aquablanc test strips. Aquablanc

Price : £57


Aquablanc tablets

Aquablanc 20g tablets for use with the Aquablanc liquid. 1 tablet should be used 20 mins prior to hot tub use. Aquablanc

Price : £19.99


Aquablanc test strips

50 per bottle for testing for active Oxygen or Aquablanc

Price : £13.49

Aquablanc SPA treatment chemicals

Read the Aquablanc SPA treatment chemicals pdf

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