Vita Spas

Somerset hot tubs provides a range of Swim Spas from Catalina Spas for sale. please browse the following sections below to see our range of hot tubs that we can offer you. We also offer a full installation service, please ring for details.

Vita Swim Spas


16995XS Hot Tub


16995XL4 Hot Tub


16995XB4 Hot Tub


21495XSP Hot Tub


21995RS12 Hot Tub

xStream Duo Pro

24995xStream Duo Pro Hot Tub

Important infomation on Electrical connections.

All electrical work must be carried out by a competent electricain, and must comply in all aspects with the current I.E.E Regulations and be in accordance with the recommendations of the NICEIC. Attention shall be paid to the recommendation in installations where water or wet conditions prevail and aslo where chemicals are present.

All electrical equipment within the room or within the flood area must:
a) be protected by an RCD of the current balance type, of not more that 30mA sensitivity, and shall be mounted at least 1 meter above the floor.
b) be securley earthed.
c) be proplery encased so that it is not possible for contact to be made with live connections without either switching off the main supply, unlocking or unscrewing the case.

No socket outlet should be within 3 meters(10ft) of the spa ot hot tub, where existing sockets are within this area customers will be advised in writing of the danger.

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