Intrigue Specifications

  • Price: £5995
  • 200cm x 211cm x 91cm (79"x83"x37")
  • 1 x 2.5 HP twin speed pump, 4.8 BHP wet end
  • Seats 5
  • Capacity : 1417 litres
  • 2 kW heater
  • 30 stainless steel jets
  • 13 or 25 amp power supply required
  • Balboa controls
  • Weight Empty : 310 kg
  • Weight Full : 1508 kg
  • Excel Plus Synthetic panelling
  • Matching thermal hard cover
  • Perma shield base
  • Aqua burst lighting
  • Ozone ready
  • 50ft filtration
  • Upgrade's can include Stereo, Blower, and lit cups holders
  • 3 head rests
  • Lit water fall
  • The shell is acrylic from Lucite, USA
  • Made in the USA


Acrlic colours

Cabinet colours

Denim Desert Gypsum Latte Linen Teak Gray Mocha
Denim Desert-Sandstone Gypsum Cinnabar-Mocha 2013 Linen
Sahara Silver
Midnight-Canyon Sahara-Sierra Silver-Marble-Sterling-Silver Storm-Clouds 2012 Tuscan Sun

Intrigue Detail:

This is a great spa for holiday lets or if you want a full sized hot tub but only want to run it on a 13amp supply. Need a full size spa but without the high power requirement, then this is the tub for you


Looking for a versatile relaxation lounger, then the Intrigue’s reversible sculptured lounger gives you the opportunity to sit either way enjoying two different massages. It’s like having 2 loungers in your Hot Tub but only taking the space of one. Two spacious corner seats offer controllable jetting layouts for a vagarious massage while two further massage seats complete this family all rounder


lit waterfall, 4 underwater LED lights


2kw M7 Balboa Powerworks heating system. This a revolutionary new hardware/sorftware platform that completely eliminates mechanical sensor switches and remote through-wall temperature sensors.The M7 platform features two identical solid state sensors that mount inside the heater manifold. These “Smart Sensors” accurately and reliably measure water temperature while monitoring critical water conditions without the possibility of failure due to mechanical switch malfunction


Industry standard pressure treated wood frame and the Vital Energy Insulation System features eco-friendly recycled insulation. Made from recycled natural fiber, it is approved by the U.S. Green Building Council. The insulation contains no chemical irritants, is treated with a borate-based solution to prevent mold/mildew growth, pest infestation, and acts as a fire retardant. Vital Energy replaces urethane foam commonly used in “foam filled” hot tubs. The “foam filling” process in conventional spas can produce as much as 50 lbs of volatile organic components (VOC’s) which are harmful to the environment. Our new energy efficient system also allows for easy service access and can be re-installed to factory specifications within minutes


13 amp supply required on a 30ma protected circuit


50 sq.ft. filter which is easily accessible. Filtration also runs during the heating cycles- the spas electronic thermostat starts the low speed pump and the heater to maintain the desired temperature. The hot tubs digital control has a pre-programmed electronic timer that has been set to automatically run the filtration low speed pump for 2 hours twice a day

Control Panel:

Balboa controls, on-screen graphics and easy-to-read text makes this new control pad a consumer favorite


30 stainles steel jets


underwater LED lights Choose from a rainbow of changing colours or stop on the colour of your choice.


7 years Structure, 3 years shell, 3 years equipment, 1 years cover
1 years labour, Stereo and plumbing, 90 days on pillows

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